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Close-Up-of-the-IveysAcoustic-rock sibling sensations The Iveys are releasing Jenna’s Song (March 25th) their third original full length  album following over five hundred live shows, six national tours, and multiple videos in only a few short years. Binding love of each other, life, and music with endless energy and a lyrical wisdom far beyond their youth, they have been influenced by and likened to an array of artists from The Eagles, The Avett Brothers, and Matchbox Twenty toThe Fray, and countless contemporary indie artists. With harmonies and a style as unique as the bond they share, Arlen (vocals, guitar), Jessica (vocals, piano), and Jillian (vocals, key/string arrangements) continually refine and expand their talents, while rapidly growing their fan base and already impressive repertoire.
Featured as Fuse TV’s “Unsigned Artist of the Month,” the 3-piece sibling band has performed on a variety of television shows such as “Good Day Austin” and “ABC Portland,” and collaborated with numerous artists including Latin Grammy Award winner Justin J. Leeah who produced their sophomore album Days & Nights, and producer Mario Caldato Jr. (Beastie Boys, Beck). As vocalists, they actively contributed to Johnny Rawls’ “Blues Album of the Year” Memphis Still Got Soul, and collaborated with multi-platinum Spanish rock group Moderatto. No stage too small or large, they have appeared at nationwide venues, as well as for the world’s largest classic film fest, the Plaza Classic Film Festival, and won the “Music2Rise Top Featured Band” contest on YouTube.
Jenna’s Song pushes yet another new realm, and has been lauded by early listeners as their best work yet. Proudly funded by their fans through a Kickstarter campaign, the album was recorded with producer Charles Godfrey (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Hanson), and mixed by Fabrizio Simoncioni (Moderatto, OV 7) and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Ted Jensen (Paul McCartney, Coldplay.) With road-tested songs spanning from foot-stomping tunes to heart-wrenching ballads, and tracks that blur the lines in between, they masterfully demonstrate their range individually and as a band. The-Iveys-SXSW
“As we created this record, song by song, we felt that we had finally reached a point where we could just cut loose and focus on exactly what needed to be said,” says Arlen. “We wanted every word and every note to come from a place of pure honesty.”
They set out to and achieved conquering 2012 and 2013; now they are poised for an even more stellar 2014. With hundreds of shows behind them and yet to come, a new music video in the works, and a solid fan base and industry support, their infectious allure continues to prove that when it comes to The Iveys, the sky is truly the limit.
“Their songwriting is as strong as their vocals; neither talent is better than the other: an accomplishment that is obvious through every song, and such a rarity to everyone but them. Sometimes it’s a lyric that captures my attention, sometimes a background vocal that surprises me, sometimes a piano that makes me take pause and want to listen again.” —  Ellen Marie Hawkins, Relate Magazine
“This was my second time seeing The Iveys, I had previously seen their set at IPO Detroit, and I came away impressed on both occasions. This is an immensely talented band with big ambitions, and the talent to achieve their goals.” – Michael Canter, Jivewired

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